Api Starter

I confess. I love slick things. One of these is the fabulous Spring Initializr website. I wondered: Can I do something similar? The answer is yes, in a very simple, rudimentary way.

I see the need to provide developers with scaffolded apps, very quickly. This is taking a HelloWorld concept, and ramping it up slightly. I wanted to include:

  • A web framework to provide basic API capabilities (GET/POST)
  • A basic testing framework structured
  • A Dockerfile
  • A Makefile

So - I built this in Go (even the UI via Go Templates), but the first “boilerplate” API is Python3 with Flask as the web framework. You can see the repo here. A working demo is here.

What the Go environment executes? A simple Bash script which blows out a directory structure, complete with tests. It then will zip that up, and push that response back to the client.

Rube Goldberg? Yes. Enormously fun to build? Also yes.